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“This Much We Know”

Friday, April 27 – Sunday, April 29, 2018

Trinity United Church, Napanee, ON

A Conference Directory is provided free of charge to each Pastoral Charge and members of the Conference Executive for the upcoming year. A Directory can be purchased for $10.00 (includes postage). Please indicate your wish to purchase a Directory by checking below and include payment with your registration.
The Volume 1 Reports will be available on the Conference website at We will only be sending the Volume 1 in the mail to those who require a hard copy. Please indicate your wish to receive a hard copy of Volume 1 in the mail. Volume 1 will available the first week of April or before.
(The address/email/telephone you provide is for the Conference Directory and Conference Mailings.) I authorize this information to be published in the Conference Directory:
Checking this box indicates that the information above is correct

PLEASE ENSURE THAT THIS FORM WITH YOUR CHEQUE (IF APPLICABLE), IS RECEIVED AT THE CONFERENCE OFFICE BY MARCH 1, 2018. After that date, meals cannot be guaranteed. In order to ensure the receipt of Volume I and the Docket, you must register in advance.

REGISTERED GUEST/SPECTATOR: A Registered Guest is someone who does not fit into one of the categories in Section 3 but still wishes to attend the meeting and receive the materials. A fee of $15 entitles a registered guest to the registration package, including the docket, and registration on the Roll of Conference. See Section 12. Spectators are welcome at no cost but will not be registered and will not receive any materials.

If you require a billet, please call Peggy Akey at 613-331-1172 or and she will arrange this for you. (Billet hosts do not provide meals.)

The cost of the program is $15.00 per day per child. Please send this registration form noting your need for this program as early as possible, so that we can provide adequate caregivers. There is no meal charge for children in the childcare program. Children must be pre-registered to receive childcare – it would be helpful if parents called ahead of registering.

The Children’s Program (ages 4–11) registration form is available from your Presbytery Secretary and on the Conference website. Children register separately. Please return the children’s registration form with your form(s).

The Youth Programs will be two groups: one for Grades 6-8 and one for Grades 9-12. Youth Register separately. The costs for the youth programs include the meal plan including a supper on Friday evening which is not part of the regular meal plan. Due to the high cost of running the youth programs there is a Youth Forum Support Fund (YFSF) to help subsidize the cost for families to ensure that any youth wishing to participate will not be excluded for financial reasons. Please consider donating to this fund (Section 12).

The Meal Plan consists of lunch on Friday, lunch and dinner on Saturday. Meals may not be purchased separately The Retirees Banquet, is not included in the meal plan. The Meal Plan is $55.00 and the Banquet is $30.00. (Section 12). There will be a free will offering for a luncheon to be offered after the Celebration of Ministry Service.

I shall require a special diet. Please give details:

Delegates will need to arrange their own accommodation for this Annual Meeting. There are several hotels and campgrounds in Napanee and vicinity. A list is provided separately and on the Conference website.

The Rural Life Committee will once again be hosting a BBQ on the Thursday Evening before Conference Annual Meeting. This event is open to both lay and clergy. The cost for this event will be $25.00. (Section 12). This event will be hosted at Adolphustown-Conway PC. Check the website for details on time and speakers:

Please indicate any special needs for the meeting space ie. Hearing assistance

Please indicate the number required and the total cost.
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@ $55.00 =
(Section 8) Meal plan does not include Friday Retirees Banquet.
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@ $15.00 =
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