Rural Life

The Rural Life Committee of Bay of Quinte Conference aims to support, nurture and celebrate life in rural and small congregations. Our overarching goal is to be recognized as a leader in valuing rural ministry, and in supporting rural ministry initiatives.

We are living this out in several ways, as we set these goals in 2008:

  1. to provide worship and evangelism materials suitable for use in rural and small congregations
  2. to provide regular theological reflections with an orientation to creation
  3. to promote on-going education of all members and adherents in the art of being welcoming
  4. to help rural/small congregations resond to social justice issues and provide support to meet the needs of individuals within the community – locally, regionally and globally
  5. to nurture rural congregational self-esteem as we accept people as they are, and celebrate our accomplishments


Chair:  Shelley Roberts

Secretary:  VACANT

Members:   Don Stiles, Maureen Ellison, Alvin Dobbie

Algonquin Park Ministry:  Shelley Roberts

Conference Minister: Personnel:   David Timpson