Children, Youth & Young Adults

Fall Youth Retreat for Grades 7 and 8

Come to Camp Quin MO Lac for this fun weekend.


Niagara Youth Festival

Please click on this link for the Application for High School Youth to travel together on our Bay of Quinte Bus to experience Niagara Youth Festival.

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Acting Chair:   Laura McClelland

Members:  Robert Goss, Karen Valley,  Robert Goss, Jennifer Broomhead,  Olivia McClelland

Corresponding Member:  Natasha Walton

Conference Minister: Youth – Cathy Russell Duggan

UCW Representative: Pat Burley


As part of our Mission we in the Bay of Quinte Conference have affirmed the following about Children, Youth and Young Adults.

We are called to be a thriving community that facilitates healing:
As such Bay of Quinte Conference will:

Maintain existing networks and encourage initiatives for engaging children, youth and young adults in the Conference

Our Commitment

Bay of Quinte Conference is an Affirming Conference.  The Bay of Quinte Conference Children, Youth and Young Adults Committee (CYYA) is committed in all its programming to offer a safe place for all people.

Bay of Quinte Conference Children, Youth and Young Adults Facebook Page



Children at Conference

A Children’s Program is offered at the Conference Annual Meeting.  It is primarily designed for children and/or grandchildren of delegates to conference.  The theme of the program relates to the theme of conference.  The program runs from 9 to 5 on Friday and Saturday and 9 to noon on Sunday.  The children participate in worship and other activities in the court and provide a time of reporting to the full court normally on Sunday morning.   While the court is still in session and the official Children at Conference program is finished, qualified child care providers will offer coverage for children and/or grandchildren of delegates.

The children’s program is offered for children from kindergarten to grade 5.


 Youth  Events

As a conference we are committed to providing two conference wide youth events each year – one event/gathering at the Conference Annual Meeting (Younger Youth at Conference –YYAC and Youth Forum) and another event/gathering in the fall (Fall Retreat).  We are also committed to providing an opportunity each year for youth to participate in a mission focused event (Youth Mission Awareness Program – YMAP).  The mission experience alternates one year within Canada(2013) and the alternate year with one of our partner churches (2014).

Fall Retreat

This is an opportunity for youth (grades 7 to 12) from across the conference to gather for conversation, activities, worship around a chosen theme that relates to growing in faith and in relationship with other youth.  The location of the fall retreat moves throughout the conference.  In 2012 we met at Crossroads United Church in Kingston.  In 2013 we are meeting at Pickering Village United Church in Ajax.

Younger Youth at Conference (YYAC)

This is a  residential program at the Conference Annual Meeting for youth in grades 6 to 8.  It is an opportunity for youth to build community, experience the court (Conference) of the church at work, to engage in the theme of conference, and to be nurtured in faith. Participants in this program have opportunities to meet with the Children at Conference, Youth Forum and with the whole gathered community.

Youth Forum

Youth Forum like Children at Conference and Younger Youth at Conference is a program offered at the Conference Annual Meeting.  It is for youth in high school.  Leadership development, nurture of faith, engaging in the work of the conference, building community and having fun undergird this program.  It is a residential program.  Participants in Youth Forum are active in the court throughout conference though there are ample opportunities for separate activities and building relationships with other youth.

Youth Mission Awareness Program (YMAP)

The Bay of Quinte Conference has made a commitment to offer the opportunity for youth of the conference to engage and grow in understanding of mission.  In alternate years we offer opportunities within Canada and in the succeeding year the opportunity is with a partner church.

2010– Cuba

2011 – Go Project, Toronto

2012 – El Salvador

2013 – Travelling Toward Right Relations – Christian Island and Six Nations

2014 – El Salvador

2017 El Slavador

Young Adults

Two gatherings each year provide young adults (post highschool to age 30) opportunities to gather for fellowship, worship and engagement in conversations and experiences to deepen the integration of faith and everyday living.

Spring Retreat

The spring retreat is normally the first weekend of May (Friday night to Sunday afternoon).  In the past we have gathered at a cottage or camp – these venues allow for meals, conversation, worship, fellowship, accommodation and canoeing.  It is a residential program.  At the spring retreat we explore a theme identified by the participants – past themes have included sexuality and my faith, and intersectionality of justice issues and faith.

Christmas Break

A day event to connect and engage in conversation and to identify the theme for the  Spring Retreat.  This event normally happens between Christmas and New Years.



Bay of Quinte Conference has three church camps within the bounds of conference.  Camping often offers children and youth a sacred place to encounter the holy,  experiences to grow in faith, opportunities to build lifelong friends, and times to experience the awesome wonder and diversity of God’s creation.  To discover more about the United Church camps in Bay of Quinte visit their websites.

Camp Lauren

Camp Quin-Mo-Lac

Golden Lake Camp

Charlie Ketcheson Camping and Leadership Fund offers grants to our camps for leadership development.

This fund has been developed in recognition of the significant contribution to United Church leadership initiatives made by the Reverend Charlie Ketcheson within Bay of Quinte Conference.  From 1986 to 2000, during the years of his active ministry, Charlie was involved in a number of programs promoting leadership opportunities for youth and young adults, as well as programs for the broader membership of The United Church of Canada.  This fund pays particular tribute to Charlie’s enthusiastic support of young people and their leadership involvement within the camping and retreat centres of Bay of Quinte Conference.

 The purpose of the fund is to improve camp programming by providing leadership development opportunities for older children and youth.   


For Leaders

CYYA News – a newsletter that offers information of events within and beyond the conference.  It is normally produced every second month.  For the most current  CYYA News click on this link

CYYA Ministry Network/ First Thirds Ministry Network


Vacation Bible School

            VIBE – Ventures in Biblical Exploration – a Kawartha Highlands vacation bible school.


Funding Opportunities

Inter—Intra Presbytery Seed Grants—grants of up to $300 for youth initiatives within and between presbyteries—see:

Vison Fund—a national fund to support new ministry initiatives with and by youth.  Seed grants, bursaries and flourishing ministry grants guidelines and forms are available.  See

Learning Fund Grants— grants are available for continuing education opportunities for lay and ordered people—max grant $300  or 1/3 of the cost  whichever is less

Seeds of Hope Grants– is a number of funds that provide grants for innovative initiatives for ministry with children at risk, youth and young adult ministry.  Applications are reviewed twice yearly .


The Godbearing Life: The Art of Soul Tending for Youth Ministry by Kenda Creasy, Dean and Ron Foster.  Though this book has been around for 15 years it is still one of the foundational books for youth ministry.  It reminds the reader of the importance of practicing faith together and that nurturing relationship with God is primary for any    youth ministry.

Go Deep: Spiritual Practices for Youth Ministry by Doris E. Kizinna.  In this book Doris offers the leader an opportunity to see youth ministry as a spiritual journey.  She offers thoughtful and creative suggestions of how to make this journey meaningful for both youth and leaders.  It is an accessible and inviting resource.



Ontario Youth Parliament

Go Project Intensive summer Mission opportunities for youth and adults.

Camp Micah:  Leadership for Peace and Justice a  six day ecumenical camp for high school youth who want to make a difference

Worshiplude – each year the youth of Ottawa presbytery invite youth from surrounding regions to join them for a weekend event.  This event coincides with Winterlude in Ottawa and usually is the first weekend of February.


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