The Conference Bursary Fund exists to assist Candidates for ordered ministry. All Candidates for ordained or diaconal ministry within the United Church of Canada who are presently enrolled in theological education are eligible to receive a bursary.

The Bursary Fund exists through the contributions of many of our previous Presbyteries which had individual funds of their own and which all became part of the Conference Bursary Fund many years ago. The Bursary Fund continues to be able to provide reasonable bursaries to Candidates due to investments and the continued contributions which come to it from offerings received at Covenanting services throughout the Conference as well as the Celebration of Ministry service at the Conference Annual Meeting.

Each fall Candidates are contacted by the Bursary Committee and invited to apply. Chair of the Bursary Committee is Wendy Mason.

The Bursary Committee email is bursary@bayofquinteconference.ca if you would like more information, or you may contact the Conference Minister: MEPS.

Chair – Wendy Mason

Convenors of Presbytery Ministry Vocations Committees