Conference Staff

The Conference Office is located in St. Matthew’s United Church, 25 Holloway Street, Belleville, Ontario.


Executive Secretary

Bill Smith

Bill Smith
Executive Secretary

As Executive Secretary, Bill Smith serves as a liaison between the Bay of Quinte Conference and the General Council of the United Church as well as between the Conference and our presbyteries and congregations.  He is a resource to Presbyteries and is responsible for the operation of the conference office.  He supervises the other office staff.

Bill has primary responsibility for administration in matters related to the Conference and its Executive.  He is also a support to the Conference President, and is staff resource to the Annual Meeting Planning Committee and the Finance and Administration Committee.  He also is a resource on church legal and polity matters and questions related to church property, church closure and amalgamations.

Bill brings to the Bay of Quinte Conference more than thirty-five years of pastoral experience. He has chaired three presbyteries and served and chaired a number of committees of the Presbytery, Conference and General Council.

He is a graduate of Carleton University (B.A.), Queens (M.Div.) and Ashland/Canterbury Seminary (D.Min.)

Conference Minister/MEPS

Ministry Employment Policy and Services is what MEPS stands for in the title of Conference Minister:  MEPS.  David Timpson has responsibility to assist congregations, presbyteries and conference committees with the policies and services and to know where, and how, to access information about them as required.  He is a resource to the Permanent Committee – Ministry Personnel and Education and its standing committees.  He is also resource in the work of Ministry Personnel – David’s’ work stretches from the beginnings of Call and the education process as the staff support for the Pathway.  As Ministry continues David provides vocational support to ministers and ongoing support to the congregations they serve.  Ministry and Personnel Committees and Pastoral Relations Committees is a focus of this work.  Where things go wrong David is the resource for both the restorative care plan and long term disability processes and the conflict resolution Committee.  He can often provide assistance with benefits issues.  In the later years David provides support to those in receipt of the United Church pension as well as those who are transitioning to retirement.

At the Presbytery level his involved in supporting the work of the Presbytery, Pastoral Relations, Pastoral Oversight, ministry vocations, conflict resolution, and interim ministry are all areas that fit into this work.

David is responsible for ensuring policies, procedures and administrative duties related to the Permanent Committee are fulfilled.  He is able to provide clear direction on which form to use when for those working in the pastoral relations and ministry vocations areas.  This involves staying current with personnel policies and procedures so he may serve as resource to ministry personnel, presbyteries and staff.

If you have questions regarding policies and procedures which relate to your role as Ministry Personnel or your work on a Presbytery or Conference committee, David is there to assist in providing the answers.

Conference Minister/Youth and Young Adults

Cathy Russell Duggan is Minister for Children Youth and Young Adults (halftime).  She staffs the Fall Youth Retreat and Children and Youth at Conference Annual Meeting, supports the education and networking of volunteer leaders, and connects Conference Youth with opportunities offered by the National Church.  Cathy’s passions are about creating space for the young among us to encounter the risen Christ through community, worship, education and creative expression that embraces and celebrates their gifts and their desire to make a more loving and just world.

Office Generalist

Caroline Giesbrecht’s title is ‘Office Generalist’.  She works half-time and has a variety of responsibilities formerly carried by other staff members.  These include providing pastoral care for ministry personnel and retirees, supporting Conference action groups under partnering in Mission (Dancing the Circle of Right Relationships, Affirming Ministries, Stewardship, Interfaith, Equity), and the prayer shawl ministry


Office Administrator/Mission Support

Judy Ormshaw Office Coordinator/Mission Support


In addition to supporting the Conference Staff, Judy Ormshaw also provides direction and assistance with resources.  Questions relating to the Vacancy and Availability Lists, Mission Support Grants and  Video Licensing can be directed to her.   She handles production of Conference materials including the directory, mailings, brochures and presentations.  Judy can also answer questions relating to the Annual Meeting and produces the  conference directory. She is also responsible for directing Pastoral Relations Forms and provides assistance with obtaining a marriage license.



Linda Wheeler serves as Conference Treasurer by resourcing the Finance Committee by providing updated Financial Statements and ensuring that our investments are looked after.  She helps Conference Committees to track their budgets and does the day-to-day accounting and banking.  On Wednesdays and Fridays it will likely be her friendly voice that you hear when you call in.