Vision & Mission Statement


Vision Statement
‘Enlivened by the Holy Spirit, the Bay of Quinte Conference in its ministries will nurture and enhance our network of relationships with the intention of deepening the lived faith of all within the Conference in light of the Good News of Jesus Christ and the traditions of The United Church of Canada, as we, an Affirming Ministry, recognize and celebrate diversities”

Mission Statement

Mission Goal #1
We are called to prayerfully discern and respect the wide range of diversities within our Conference including, but not limited to, sexual orientation, gender identity, life experience, differing abilities, ethnicity, race, generational differences, age, geographic location and economic circumstances.

As such, Bay of Quinte Conference will:

  1. Engage in intentional and ongoing study and dialogue in all aspects of its life and work.
  2. Celebrate the participation of diverse individuals and communities in our life and work.
  3. Seek justice for all who are marginalized.
  4. Identify and dismantle barriers with regard to full participation of marginalized individuals and groups in Christ’s ministry.

Mission Goal #2
Bay of Quinte Conference is called to be partner with Presbyteries in strengthening congregations as the body of Christ.
As such, Bay of Quinte Conference will:

  1. Encourage, with Presbyteries, all congregations to deepen spiritual roots and lived faith
  2. Provide opportunities for educational and training initiatives
  3. Improve and provide resources for communication among Conference, Presbyteries and Congregations including digital communication

Mission Goal #3
We are called to be a thriving community that facilitates healing:
As such Bay of Quinte Conference will:

  1. Enhance our practice of faithful and (w)holistic stewardship, living with respect in creation and to live into being a visible ‘Greening  Ministry’ actively acknowledging responsibility to our natural environment.”
  2. Assist, with Presbyteries, all ministries (of any type and size) in missional engagement, both locally and worldwide
  3. Uplift, with presbyteries, the health and well-being of ministry personnel and the congregations in which they serve
  4. Maintain existing networks and encourage initiatives for engaging children, youth and young adults in the Conference
  5. Be a resource to groups that seek to walk with those seeking wholeness and personal support
  6. Continue our journey of healing, reconciliation and embracing relationships with First Nations communities
  7. Live into being an Affirming Ministry that seeks to create safe and welcoming space for all

Mission Goal #4:
We are called to engage and support innovative and authentic expressions of ministry, both emerging and traditional, within Bay of Quinte Conference;
As such, Bay of Quinte conference will:

  1. Practice radical hospitality as church and in conversation with other faith communities
  2. Create the space for courageous conversations about the future of ministry
  3. Support and nurture ministry networks
  4. Identify and resource emerging ministry opportunities
  5. Provide opportunities for discerning a call to ministry
  6. Walk with those preparing for ministry”