Members of Presbytery committees are listed in the Conference Directory, a copy of which can be found in each pastoral charge. For a list of pastoral charges in each Presbytery, click on the name of the Presbytery, or go the Churchfinder page for the complete list. See the map for the location of the Presbyteries.
Kente Presbytery
Chair: Ryan McNally
Secretary: Louise Wood
Treasurer: Louise Wood
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Hills & Shores Presbytery
Chair: Janet Enns
Secretary: Dianne Goyetche
Treasurer: Doug Carter
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Four Winds Presbytery
Chair: Steve Ambury
Secretary: Doris Thomas
Treasurer: Bill Galt
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Kawartha Highlands Presbytery
Chair: Paul Reed
Secretary: Max Ward
Treasurer: Mary Margaret Boone
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Lakeridge Presbytery
Chair: Steve Coles
Secretary: Karen Smart
Treasurer: Don Willmer
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Shining Waters
Chair: Lynn Watson
Secretary: Karen Carter
Treasurer: Brian James
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Four Rivers Presbytery
Chair: Gerry Kerr
Secretary: Karen McLean
Treasurer: Bruce Jackson
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Upper Valley
Chair: Bronwen Harman
Secretary: Catherine Grant
Treasurer: Joy Curry
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