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Resource: Mending the World – An Ecumenical Vision for Healing and Reconciliation

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Bay of Quinte Affirming Ministries (formerly 10 x 10)

Contact: Judy Amsbury at

Our Mission: To have 10 Ministries In B of Q Conference Affirming or at least in the process, by December 31, 2010. Please find below a list of Affirming Ministries to date:

On Nov 17, 2012 the latest workshop facilitated by the Bay of Quinte Affirming Ministries Action Group (formerly “10 x 10” ) was held at Trinity St Andrews Brighton, attended by Rev Dr Jackie Harper and 34 members from 11 congregations.
The goal was to create a support network, through sharing of experiences, processes and resources and teaming up already Affirming ministries with those exploring or already in process for future help and encouragement.
A secondary objective was to begin to devolve the function of the Affirming Ministries Action group to the Presbytery level as part of the long term planning for the Partnering in Mission structure.
We believe we made progress on both goals.
Bay of Quinte Conference currently has 7 Affirming Ministries and 10 identified prospectives.  However, those churches who have reported to Conference that they offer equal marriage only number in the 30’s, so there is much still to do!
At Conference Annual Meeting in June 2012, a vote was taken for Bay of Quinte Conference itself (Executive, staff and committees) to become an Affirming Ministry and to finalize that process at CAM in June 2013.  Also, at GC 41 in Aug 2012, a motion was passed requesting General Council Executive undertake to begin the process for the Executive, GC Office and General Council and to report back to GC 42.
For further information on Affirming Ministries, please contact Judy Amsbury at 705-741-4271or

Affirming Ministries in Bay of Quinte Conference
Sydenham St, Kingston (June ’99)
Christ Church, Lyn (May ’12)
St Andrew’s, Peterborough (May ’12)
Trinity St Andrew’s Brighton (June’12)
Upper Valley Presbytery (June ’12)
Shining Waters Presbytery (Nov ’12)
St Paul’s Warkworth ( Jan. 2013)
Trinity United Church, Cobourg
Castleton United Church, Castleton
St. Andrew’s United Church, Grafton
Port Hope United Church, Port Hope
Dunfarton-Fairport United Church, Pickering
St. Mark’s United Church, Cannifton
George St. United Church, Peterborough
Trinity United Church, Peterborough
Westminster United Church, Whitby
Four Rivers Presbytery
Bay of Quinte Conference
Peterborough Chapter AU/SE
Bay of Quinte Conference UCW
Greenwood United Church, Pembroke

Read the article by Roy Huntly in the January 2009 Circuit Rider“What does it mean to be an Affirming Congregation?” pdf

“The Sign Board Says “Welcome”, by Beryl Cable Williams pdf
This article was written in response to the Affirming Ministries workshop held in Marmora on November 12, 2009.
Reflection on the Affirming Ministries Workshopby Roy Huntly.
Read Roy’s thoughts on the latest 10 X ’10 workshop in Marmora, November 12, 2009.

Goals & Objectives :
1. To inform & educate Church congregations and other UCC Ministries ( eg, Presbyteries , Queen’s Theological College, etc) re what it means to be an Affirming ministry.
2. To identify, encourage and support at least 10 ministries to engage in the process of becoming affirming.
3. To stress benefits to congregation: expand & strengthen membership( GLBT and straight), strengthen personal & congregational ties through discovery of each other, provide focus and clarity around their calling to live out Christ’s radical inclusivity.
4. To give real meaning to the “Welcome” on the notice board.
5. All of the above to be done as a GLBT/ heterosexual presentation & partnership.

“We’re Welcoming – Why be Affirming?”
Good question!! We‘re the United Church , so don’t we already welcome everyone regardless of race, gender, age, ability, economic circumstance and sexual orientation?

Well, maybe – but how do folks find out? How do you draw more people through your doors to witness that welcome, if there is no outside symbol or public statement – like on your sign, your website or your ad in the church column of the local newspaper? What is the message on your mission statement in the narthex ?. Do you even have one?

How does a GLBT (gay , lesbian, bisexual or transgendered) person looking for a faith home where they can be open and accepted for who they really are, know that you are that place? How does the family member of that person (who may be a member of your congregation already, unbeknownst to you) know they can be “out” and find help and support for their own questions and concerns.

Where do the children of same gender relationships find a caring, non-judgmental place to learn their stories of Jesus and His love?

Affirm United, formed in 1982, works for the full inclusion of all sexual orientations and gender identities in the United Church and in society. Its Affirming Ministries program involves a study process of the issues of Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender ( GLBT) people. Then, a decision is made to publicly declare their welcome & affirmation that this is a safe place to worship.

Interfaith and Ecumenism

Mending the World: This document provides a rationale for and background to the position of The United Church of Canada on ecumenism.


Criteria for Making Decisions About Your Church’s Mission Support

Do you regularly have requests from organizations asking for your church to support their work?
Do you find it challenging to sort out those who might be worth supporting from those who you’d be wise to pass up? These guidelines were written by Rev. Dr.  Nan Hudson based on earlier work from John Asling  and others from the former Division of World Outreach.

Criteria for Engaging in Mission  pdf

Mission Support Funding Guidelines 2007

The criteria for receiving Support in Ministry funding have been changed. You can see the changes in the document “Mission Support Funding Guidelines 2007”.

Mission Support Funding Guidelines pdf     Mission Support Funding Guidelines  word

Overseas Exposure Visits: Planning, Orientation and Funding Guidelines for Travellers

In April 2007, Conference Executive approved new guidelines for travellers planning an overseas exposure visit. These new guidelnes affect the criteria for approval of such a visit and funding available.

Guidelines for Overseas Exposure Visits  pdf