Employment Opportunities

Minister (Full-time)
Frankford United Church, Frankford, ON

Frankford, ON – Frankford United Church is seeking a full-time ordained or diaconal minister
to lead and to assist us in seeking more ways to offer the “Love of God” to our congregation
and to the many families in our village who are not currently experiencing this fellowship.
To view the Revised JNAC (March 12, 2017) and job description, and to obtain more details on
our mission, contact our Joint Search Committee secretary at heatherkindness2005@hotmail.com
and contact David Timpson at: opportunities@bayofquinteconference.ca .


Minister (part-time)

 Cannington, ON.

Trinity United Church is a congregation of open-hearted, roll-up-your-sleeves, music-loving people who love Jesus and want to show God’s love to the surrounding village of Cannington and beyond. We’re looking for leadership in scripture-based learning, worship that involves young and old, and pastoral care that responds to real needs in our community. A manse is available if required. For a feeling of who we are, go online to trinitycannington.ca.

Does this sound like a ministry that fits with who you are and where God is leading you?

As we are part of a Presbytery and a cluster of churches who are looking for new ways to be church why not start a conversation with us? There are several ways that this might happen depending on where you are in your journey. If you are M.Div. Graduate who is now ready to do a Supervised Ministry Education placement we are approved for a 60% time position. As a SME this could be coupled with a 40% Presbytery appointment to meet the occasional needs of the smaller churches in our area.

If you are an Ordained Minister, a Commissioned Diaconal Minister or an Admissions Candidate, our 60% may be coupled with two smaller congregations in our area as a Regional Ministry Our latest Annual Report and Joint Needs Assessment are available upon request from Sharon Woodrow at swoodrow2@gmail.com

To apply for this position, please send a letter of interest with your resume, a statement of faith, copies of certificates showing completion of Boundaries and Racial Justice workshops, and a current (within the past 6 months) Police Records Check – Vulnerable Sector to Rev. David Timpson at personnel@bayofquinteconference,ca


Ordered Minister (full-time)

Tweed-White Lake-Queensborough, Ontario

Our communities are situated in beautiful Eastern Ontario, a land of hills and dales, farms and lakes. We are three separate pastoral charges, sharing ministry and resources. We seek a full-time ordained minister who will guide us in living each day like Jesus, and who shares with us a commitment to worship, outreach, and pastoral care. Our people are welcoming and nurturing, and our communities have a lot to offer. If you want to be cared for as you care for others, and if you enjoy the great outdoors, this is the place to be! To request a copy of our JNAC report, send an email to denbesten@xplornet.ca.

To applications may forward it to Bay of Quinte Conference care of David Timpson (personnel@bayofquinteconference.ca) Deadline for applications is May 31, 2017.


Ordered Minister (full-time)

Trenton United Church, Trenton Ontario

As the only United Church in Trenton, Ontario we are seeking a full-time ordained minister to lead us with vitality and creativity. We are looking for a candidate with strong interpersonal skills who can enrich our spiritual worship while being supported by inspiring music and by evolving technology. As a recently formed congregation we are governed by a council with strong leadership skills and by dedicated committee members. The successful candidate for this position will find a pastoral care team and expanding outreach ministries awaiting passionate guidance. Our congregation aspires to be a hopeful, accepting, spirit-filled Christian community providing a safe, caring and welcoming space for sharing the Good News. We want to use our time and talents to go out and share this Good News both locally and globally as we each develop our personal faith.

To learn more about Trenton United Church and to read our full Joint Needs Assessment Report please visit our website http://trentonunited.ca.

To apply for this position please complete a “Ministry Personnel Skills, Gifts and Passions Profile” and forward it to Bay of Quinte Conference care of David Timpson (personnel@bayofquinteconference.ca) by May 15, 2017.


Minister (part-time)

Queen Street United Church, Lindsay Ontario 

 Queen Street United Church in Lindsay, Ontario is looking for either ministry personnel for a part-time call (24 hours per week) or a candidate ready for a 60% Supervised Ministry Experience (SME). The SME could be full time, with an innovative partnership between Queen Street United and Kawartha Highlands Presbytery. For further information, or to receive the JNAC report, please contact Kim Teatro kteatro@hotmail.com, 2 Heritageway, Unit 203, Lindsay, Ontario K9V 5P5 705 324 3780 Applications are to be forwarded to the Bay of Quinte Conference in care of David Timpson, personnel@bayofquinteconference.ca.

Minister (part-time)

Marmora and Cordova Mines, Ontario 

An exciting opportunity awaits you in Eastern Ontario! Marmora Pastoral Charge is a rural 2 point charge which includes the communities of Marmora and Cordova Mines. We are seeking a part-time minister (24 hours per week) to meet the needs of our congregations and communities. Applicants from any stream of ministry will be joyfully considered. Our ministry’s focus is on worship and pastoral care. There is Sunday worship at each church. Our small but active congregations are looking forward to welcoming you to our faith family! Enquiries may be made through or Applications are to be forwarded to the Bay of Quinte Conference in care of David Timpson, personnel@bayofquinteconference.ca.


Ordered Minister (half-time)
New Hope United Church, Port Hope, ON

New Hope United Church is seeking a half-time ordained or diaconal minister. This would be a 50% position with primary responsibilities being worship and pastoral care.  We are a small rural congregation in the hamlet of Welcome, Ontario, just north of Port Hope at the 401. We are a close knit congregation of Christians which cares deeply about its members and adherents and is committed to close connection with the surrounding area.  New Hope United Church has embraced modern technology and is open to using a variety of styles of worship. Our part-time staff includes an administrator, music director, music provider, and maintenance staff. We have an active choir, UCW and AOTS plus strong volunteerism.  Our former manse has been converted into a separate building housing our office and small meeting area. More information about our church can be found at our website www.newhopeunitedchurch.ca

Although the position is not full time, with growth in the number of members of the congregation and revenues over time, there is an opportunity to increase the number of hours per week of work for the Minister. Until that time, we are open to having our new minister explore the opportunities of supplementing their time by contracting with other neighbouring United Churches that are currently vacant.  If interested, please forward an email to search@newhopeunitedchurch.ca to obtain a copy of our Joint Needs Assessment Report. Applications are to be forwarded to the Bay of Quinte Conference in care of David Timpson, personnel@bayofquinteconference.ca. Closing date is April 1, 2017.


Ordered Minister (full-time)
Trinity United Church, Smiths Falls, ON

Trinity built in 1885 seats up to 350 people; it features much of the original gothic design of ornate marble pillars and magnificent archways. Renovations have been carried out in recent years, including the restoration of sixteen stained glass windows and the installation of a lift/elevator. We are located in the Heart of Eastern Ontario on the banks of the historic Rideau Canal, Ontario’s only UNESCO World Heritage Site. We are located within easy driving distance of Ottawa (Canada’s capital), Kingston, Montreal and Toronto. For more details on Smiths Falls, we encourage you to visit: https://www.smithsfalls.ca/

Smiths Falls is a closely knit community of caring people who come together to help each other when needed. Whether it was a fire to a row house that left many homeless, a severe injury to a boy who’s hockey career was cut short or a baby girl who needed constant care to live, Smiths Falls, a town with an average income of well below the provincial average responded to these needs!

Trinity has a long tradition of service and leadership both within the congregation and community. After a long pastorate, Trinity is a church in transition. As a congregation, our desire is to thrive and be relevant to our church family, our community and beyond. We are seeking a dynamic relationship-building leader who will help us live out our newly stated mission, vision and core-value statements which are summed up in our Motto “Connect – Inspire – Serve”. While being responsible for supporting all aspects of the life and work of Trinity’s ministry, you will place a priority emphasis on renewing ministries of discipleship (children, youth, young families and young singles), leadership development, worship, pastoral care, and social justice and outreach. Your talents and qualifications must be appropriate to the needs and expectations of the congregation.

To apply for this full time position (or for a more detailed profile visit our website at www.trinityunitedsf.ca). Please send a letter of interest/cover letter, resumé, statement of faith, copies of certificates showing completion Boundaries and Racial Justice workshops, and a current (within the past 6 months) Police Records Check – Vulnerable Sector to David Timpson at personnel@bayofquinteconference.ca

The Search Committee will be accepting applications until March 17, 2017 at 4pm

Ordered Minister (full-time)
Calvin United Church, Pembroke, ON

We are Calvin United church, a dynamic and closely knit Christian Faith Community in Pembroke, ON.  We have recently been through a period of Intentional Interim Ministry which has revitalized our Church Family, refocusing us on our Vision of Christian Faith and Love in Action. We are committed to continuing our transformation and engaging our Mission Teams responsible for: Growing our Christian Faith, Nurturing the Church Community, Serving in God’s World at Home and Beyond, and Sustainment. The three main practices our congregation most values are Hospitality, Healing and Worship. We are looking to the Minister and an empowered and faithful laity to excel in these practices. We are looking for a strong leader, who is spiritually grounded, theologically knowledgeable, enthusiastic and has a great sense of humour. In our culture of collaboration and collegial decision making, we need a consensus builder who can model the expectations of the Behavioural Covenant. In our changing society, we need a fearless candidate that is ready to embrace new ways of being the church. JNAC information can be found at the church website under the search committee, www.calvinunitedchurch.ca,  Applications will be considered upon receipt and interviews conducted until April 30, 2017. All applications should be forwarded to the Bay of Quinte Conference in care of David Timpson, personnel@bayofquinteconference.ca.

Ordained or Designated Minister (half-time)
Columbus Community United Church

Columbus Community United Church is currently seeking a half-time minister (ordained or designated). Columbus is a small rural village situated between the City of Oshawa and the lakeside town of Port Perry. Congregation members travel from all directions to share their faith, friendship, and sermons in a traditional style of worship. Members enjoy participating in worship service and work diligently as a team to foster a welcoming community, mission and service, and a supportive environment.

Further information may be found in our Joint Needs Assessment Report found at www.columbusunitedoshawa.com. Applications are to be forwarded to the Bay of Quinte Conference in care of David Timpson, personnel@bayofquinteconference.ca.

Minister (part-time)
Maynooth-Madawaska Pastoral Charge, Maynooth, Lake St. Peter, Whitney and Madawaska

We seek an ordained or diaconal minister (0.5) who will focus on pastoral care and community outreach.  We recognize that part-time positions can leave time for little more than sermons, so our strong lay support is prepared to lead a majority of the Sunday services, leaving you time for the pastoral care we so deeply desire.  We have a long tradition of welcoming ministers with gratitude for their individual gifts.  We seek a minister who will work with us to help develop our gifts as well.  Our four rural churches have learned to join together for services and to share in all our endeavours.  We are excited about the discerning and growth we have come through in the last 18 months.

We welcome all salary levels and can provide a fully equipped manse.  For further information or to apply, please email opportunities@bayofquinteconference.ca.  Applications will be accepted until a suitable candidate is confirmed.