2017 Conference Annual Meeting

President Designate Nom Form 17Below you will find listed all of the various registration forms for our 2017 Conference Annual Meeting.  If you choose to register online, please select the blue highlighted “ONLINE REGISTRATION” link below.  As well, if you choose to pay online, scroll to the top of the page once you have “submitted” your form, or come back to this page and select the ‘ONLINE PAYMENT – DONATE” button.  If you would like to mail in your registration, please choose from the other links below, and print the registration form. NOTE: If you register online, and you are NOT attending the Annual Meeting, you will still receive a “Welcome” email, confirming your registration was received.




reader small 2017 CAM Registration Form

reader small 2017 CAM Registration Form – Child K to Grade 5

reader small 2017 CAM Registration Form – Youth, Grades 6 to 12

reader smallRural Life BBQ

reader smallWhere to stay?

reader smallConference Sunday Worship

reader smallPresident Designate Nom Form 17

reader smallJob Descriptions for Pres Designate

reader smallFINAL 2017 Volume 1 Think on These Things

reader smallUpdate Draft Agenda May 15