St. Paul’s: Warkworth

St Paul’s United Church, a single-point charge in Warkworth, is seeking a full-time minister to continue guiding us on our spiritual journey.
Like the village itself, St. Paul’s church is a vibrant and active centre of community activities.
Over the past year our ministry has seen the addition of new families, including ones with young children, and we are looking forward to growing and solidifying this segment of our worship community
We also celebrate being an Affirming Ministry as part of Warkworth’s diverse community.
Our new minister will be warm, personable, outgoing and be prepared to engage in the life of the congregation and wider community.
Warkworth is a dynamic community in the breathtakingly beautiful Northumberland Hills where recreational possibilities abound.
Our community harmoniously marries the traditional, humble grace of rural life with an emerging urban culture of migrating families and retirees from the city.
For more information on St. Paul’s and to consult our JNAC report, please visit our website: and Facebook page:   To find out more about Warkworth please visit: and Facebook page:
If you wish to be considered as a candidate for this postion, please submit your resume and your Skills, Gifts and Passions Profile document to Bay of Quinte Conference Office, attention David Timpson at:
We will be accepting resumes until November 15, 2017.
We look forward to hearing from you if you’re as excited about the new possibilities at St. Paul’s as we are!

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